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Tacoma Civil Attorney for over 30 Years



Erik L. Bauer has been representing clients in State, Federal, Local and Military courts since 1984. With many clientele in diverse situations, he knows success comes from clarity in forming a case, strategic pretrial preparation and discovery as well as aggressive litigation.


From the beginning each case is treated as if it is going into litigation. By doing this, he ensures that every avenue of information in your case is thoroughly investigated and documented. Mr. Bauer works extensively to settle your case through aggressive negotiations before a civil filing is necessary.


Often people are reluctant to come forward and disclose abuse because they don’t want to be forced to talk about these events at trial. However, most cases end up settling before trial. If a civil filing is necessary, Mr. Bauer uses his 30 years of experience to provide you with the best qualified representation during your trial.


Mr. Bauer is dedicated to seeking justice and dignity for his clients. If you have been abused or injured by someone or feel that your rights have been violated, please contact the Law Office of Erik L. Bauer.


We have proudly represented clients who were victims


Foster Care









Nursing Homes

Civil Practice

Cases Settled

Represented a child who was sexually abused by youth pastor and settled for an undisclosed amount.


Represented a minor child who was abused by a close family member.


Represented a person involved in motorcycle accident and settled for an undisclosed amount.


Represented eight boys who were abused while in the care of the foster system. Received a $11 million dollar settlement from the Tacoma Police Department, Seattle Police Department, and the Department of Social and Health Services.


Represented multiple plaintiff's who were sexually abused as children at a youth camp. Cases settled for an undisclosed amount.

Because Mr. Bauer represents children and adults who are victims of sexual abuse, he views it as a conflict of interest to represent individuals charged with sex offenses and will decline such cases.


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