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Tacoma Civil Attorney for over 30 Years

Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse Attorney

Most people don’t realize that they can often recover from acts of childhood sexual abuse even when they occurred many years ago. Mr. Bauer has secured millions in damages on behalf of clients with cases going back decades.

By using his investigative skills and experience, Mr. Bauer has won multi-million dollar settlements on behalf of his clients. Mr. Bauer finds justice for your abuse and closure for those events that “just don’t go away”. Agencies can also be held accountable and forced to pay for standing back and allowing the abuse to occur.

Mr. Bauer has pursued claims against police departments, child protective services, youth camps, daycares, and churches on behalf of his clients. No one is above the law when it comes to child sex abuse. We will gladly sit down with you in a quiet relaxed atmosphere and “just listen.” Many victims feel they are somehow at fault when they are not. We do not judge our clients, We Stand With Them.

For most claims of childhood sex abuse,

For most claims of child-hood sex abuse, the statute of limitations has Not run out yet. Make sure to consult with a lawyer before dismissing your case as "too old."

Adult Victims of Sexual Assault Attorney

As an adult survivor of a sexual assault, it may seem like you are alone. It may be difficult to discuss, difficult to deal with, and even more difficult to find a plan for your future. Erik Bauer has represented victims of sexual abuse, sexual assault, and sexual harassment for decades.

Our office works closely with the Sexual Assault Center of Pierce County and the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center to help provide our clients with the attention and healing they deserve.  Mr. Bauer understands that confidentiality is important and that it is difficult for victims to come forward. Through calm and diligent interviews, document review, and experience, Erik Bauer can help you find justice. 

Mr. Bauer is experienced in representing students who have been assaulted or harassed at school, employees who have dealt with sexual harassment in the workplace, patients who have been assaulted while under care at a hospital or doctor’s office, and cases involving sexual assault at churches.

Whether the sexual assault, sexual harassment, or sexual abuse occurred at work, school, church, a hospital, or anywhere in between, you have rights that need to be preserved. Don’t be afraid to take the next step towards your future and let our office fight for you. Call us today to set up your free initial confidential consultation and let your voice be heard.

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